Need a Sewage Clean Up In Toronto? Call the Professionals!

When a sewage line breaks or backs up, it brings everything to a screeching halt. It’s different than having a regular water pipe break because sewage clean up comes with its own special set of cautions and considerations. With a sewage flood, you not only have the potential for serious water damage—that water is also potentially very contaminated with viruses and bacteria. People who come into contact with such water could become extremely sick or even die. In addition to all of this, lingering odours from a sewage link can ruin the ability for anyone to live or work in your Toronto-area property for a long time to come.

Knowledgable And Experienced

In a sewage emergency, time is not on your side and you want a knowledgeable, experienced team on call who can respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. York Restoration is highly skilled at sewage clean up in Toronto, so when faced with this kind of disaster, contact us immediately at 1888 403-3566.

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What Kind of Water Is It?

The first step in any sewage clean up process is to properly assess the situation. The team of experts that respond to your home or commercial property will work to identify the source of the leak (and thus the type of water that’s flowing out of it).

If it turns out the leak isn’t sewage, but is in fact a clean water leak, the danger is much less. A clean water leak happens when a water supply line is damaged or when a faucet is leaking. Left unaddressed, this kind of water can turn into a problem, so it’s important to take care of it as quickly as possible.

A gray water leak is more serious. This kind of water leakage comes from, for instance, a washing machine or a dishwasher.

What Is Gray/Black Water?

Leaks from a toilet can be considered gray water if the liquid only contains a bit of urine (but not any fecal matter). Gray water is considered contaminated because of the chance that it might contain health-threatening viruses and bacteria. Time is of the essence in cleaning up gray water leaks and floods.

The most serious kind of leak or flood comes from escaped black water. This kind of liquid can make people seriously sick or even kill them if they ingest it.

Why Is Black Water Dangerous?

Black water can come from a toilet bowl that contains fecal matter, water from a septic system, water from streams or rivers, as well as standing, stagnant water in which microbes have begun to grow. Black water should be dealt with as quickly as possible and immense care should be taken with its clean up and disposal. That’s why it’s important to let professionals handle your sewage clean up: they have the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to do it in a safe and effective way.

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What Causes Sewage Leaks And Backups?

When you own a home or building, there are many ways that sewage can leak or otherwise intrude into your property. Heavy rain can be a factor, flooding the sewage system and overloading it. When this happens, pipes can back up and cause water to flow back up, exiting toilets and flooding bathrooms and homes.

A blocked drain can also cause a sewage backup. These sorts of blockages can be caused by a large amount of material or foreign objects being forced down a drain. They can also be caused by debris or things like tree roots that have grown into the drain. Another source of drain problems? Drains that break or collapse. This is especially a problem with older drain pipes that were often made of clay.

Time and Safety Are Of The Essence

No matter what caused the sewage leak, the important thing is that you get the sewage clean up process started as quickly as possible. After assessing the situation, the team at York Restoration will go right to work. Our goal is to protect the health and safety of everyone from our workers to the occupants of the affected home or building. We’ll safely and carefully remove any solid materials that have collected on the premises before we begin to clean up the contaminated liquid that has flooded and permeated your property. We’ll work to dry and air out any items that have been affected, as well as helping you decide what can be salvaged.

Thorough Sanitization

After disposing of any carpets, rugs, or other materials that may have soaked up contaminated water, we will go to work at thoroughly sanitizing the area. This doesn’t just mean cleaning items you can see; it also means deodorizing and freshening the air. We’ll set up fans and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry everything and help prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and other nasty fungi.

As we do all of this, we’ll take extra special care to avoid contaminating the unaffected parts of your property. As we clean up one problem, we don’t want to create any additional ones.

Repair The Issue To Prevent A Recurrence

Sometimes the unexpected happens and there’s nothing you can do to prepare for it. If your sewage flood was caused by a broken pipe, clogged drain, or part of your sewage system that was not functioning to its full potential, York Restoration will work to identify the cause of the problem and fix it so that you won’t have to deal with the same problem again in the future.

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