Flooded Basement? Reasons Why And How To Fix It

Unwanted water anywhere in your home or commercial property is a huge problem. Issues like this always seem to happen at the most inopportune times, as well—on a weekend, during a holiday, or right in the middle of a hectic workday.

If you’ve just wandered downstairs to grab something before heading to bed on a Saturday night or if your maintenance man has just informed you that your building has a badly flooded basement….

A Team Of Trusted Professionals

on a Friday…at exactly 5:30 p.m.…. well, you’re going to need a team of trusted professionals on hand to find the problem quickly. You’re also going to need them to arrive at your property immediately—not next week!

Thankfully, the team at York Restoration is always on call. Night or day, workday or weekend, regular day or holiday, they’re available to respond and take care of your problematic flooded basement.

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What Caused My Basement To Flood?

This was probably one of the first questions you asked as soon as you discovered that there was a problem. While some causes of basement flooding aren’t particularly fixable (location of the property, for instance), others can be addressed once they’re identified.

Let’s discuss some of the common reasons that basements tend to flood.

Location, Location, Location

As mentioned above, there isn’t a good fix for this, but at least it may shed some light on the cause of your flooded basement woes. If your home or building is constructed on a part of your property that water drains towards, that water will follow gravity, flow downhill towards your building or structure, and eventually find its way into your basement. Over time, erosion can wear away at some slopes, which may help ease the issue a bit. Until then, unless you’re willing to undertake an immense drainage project, a flooded basement will likely occur every time it rains.

Clogged Gutters

There are two types of gutters that can cause you flooding and heartache. The first kind are the gutters attached to the Toronto-area public sewer system. If there is a heavy rainstorm and those gutters become clogged, it can cause water to back up and your property may flood, resulting in a flooded basement. This can also negatively affect the foundation of your property, so it’s important to contact your local authorities right away as soon as you notice any sort of a gutter clog or backup.

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Roof Gutters

The second kind gutters that are attached to the roof of your home—the ones that drain water off of your roof in an orderly manner. If these gutters become clogged with leaves and debris, water will cease to drain properly and can run off of your roof in inappropriate places. If a large amount of water is running off and pooling near your basement area, this can create leaks. In order to avoid this, make sure your roof gutters are properly cleaned and maintained.

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Reasons For Flooded Basements

Faulty Construction: When a structure is built, it’s important that the walls and floors in the basement be thoroughly sealed against moisture. If this doesn’t happen, then they’re water permeable and moisture can transfer right through them, appearing in places you don’t wish to see it. On a regular basis, this may only result in a small bit of moisture. If there is a bad storm or heavy rain, however, you’re likely going to end up with a flooded basement. Once things are dried out, check the seal in your basement to see if it needs to be redone or repaired.

Sump Pump Failure: Your sump pump is supposed to keep water from accumulating in your basement, but if it fails, flooding can happen fast. Proper sump pump maintenance can keep it running smoothly. At least once a year, remove your sump pump, give it a thorough cleaning, and test it out to make sure it’s working.

Flooded Basement Clean Up

Knowledge is power, and now you know various reasons why your basement might flood and how to prevent (most of) them. Sometimes, though, the unexpected still happens and when it does, call a professional team of water removal and restoration experts to get you back on track again. Water flooding can be dangerous, destructive, as well as downright disgusting.

The experts at York Restoration know how to keep your Toronto property and its occupants safe while taking care of any and all issues that have been caused by the flooding.

Safety First

Our first concern is safety. Turning off the electricity to any flooded area is the absolute first step in order to prevent injury or death. Next, we’ll work to ensure that any items that can be damaged by the water (things like electronics, clothing, and furniture) are removed. Some carpet can be salvaged after bad flooding and some will have to be removed and replaced, depending on the materials.

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Drying Your Home

Next begins the drying process. We’ll get rid of excess water by pumping it out and vacuuming it up. Then we’ll bring in industrial fans to speed the overall drying up before moisture can do any additional damage or encourage mold to develop. Dehumidifiers will help this process go faster. We’ll do all we can to dry and circulate the air to get the moisture out of your basement.

In addition to having access to proper equipment to quickly dry and dehumidify a flooded home or basement, professional restoration companies like York Restoration know how to properly disinfect your home from flood waters that are often contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. We can also apply chemicals that will help inhibit mold growth.

Protect And Clean Up Your Property

Fast reaction time by a team of experts who know how to safely and properly protect, dry, and clean up your flooded property means that when you’re dealing with an emergency, you can’t afford to not call York Restoration.

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