Need Flood Water Clean Up And Repair? Work With The Trusted Professionals.

You need only turn on the news to see stories of homes being ravaged by floods somewhere in the country or elsewhere in the world. The destruction can truly be catastrophic, with personal possessions lost and property unimaginably damaged.

Everyone thinks this can’t possibly happen to them—not to their house!—until the day it does. When a flood strikes your neighbourhood and damages your Toronto-area home or commercial property, you’ll need the best team of flood waterclean up experts to walk you through the process of putting your home, business, and life back together again.

Special Considerations For Flood Water Clean Up

With floods comes more than just water. When torrential rains and rising rivers consume homes, they bring with them heaps of mud, debris, and contamination, as well as pests.

A company like York Restoration knows what to expect and how best to deal with each of these problems in a safe and very effective manner. We understand which parts of a building must be replaced when they’ve been soaked with contaminated flood waters, as well as which parts can be saved.

Safety First

As the waters start to recede, property owners and our team of specialists are able to enter and take stock of the damage that’s been done. As we do this, safety is always our number one concern. We work to ensure that there is no structural damage that would make entering a home or building unsafe for the owners or our workers. Where water is concerned, electricity can be deadly, so we’ll make sure that all power is shut off at the source before beginning any walkthrough.

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Your Property

We’ll then inspect all parts of your property, both with the naked eye as well as sensors to detect where moisture may have entered. We understand that flood water clean up isn’t just about cosmetic repair and restoration of areas that you can see; it’s equally important to make sure that all the areas you don’t see are properly addressed.

This will help prevent the growth of dangerous mold and mildew. It will also ensure that there is no unseen damage that may cause structural issues down the road.

The Drying Process

After your property is inspected and the area is made safe, the next step in the flood water clean up process is to remove the water. Depending on the amount of water that’s still standing or pooled in areas of the property, we may need to use hoses to pump it out or vacuums to suck it up. After that, the real drying process begins and we’ll bring in large industrial fans to begin a focused drying of all areas that were affected by the flood. As the water begins to evaporate, humidity levels within the building will skyrocket, so we’ll also set up dehumidifiers to help take some of that moisture out of the air. All of this will help with the prevention of mold development—something we’ll be racing to avoid. We’ll do our best to dry everything safely and thoroughly so that your property is in the best possible shape after we’re done.

Removal Of Damaged Materials

As the York Restoration team works to clean and dry water out of your home or commercial building, another part of the flood water clean up process will begin: the removal of materials that are too damaged or saturated to be dried out and reused in the restoration process. What this means will depend on the level of water intrusion into the building, as well as how long it stayed before it receded or was dried out. Flooring material can oftentimes break, warp, or buckle after a flood. Carpeting is generally removed, as well, especially if the flood waters were dirty or contaminated. Walls also tend to sponge up flood water; they often need to be replaced, and the insulation behind them will absolutely need to be removed and replaced.

Why Work With Us

Flood waters can affect all manner of other systems and parts of your home or building, from electrical and HVAC systems to your well and septic system. Roofs quite frequently need repair or replacement. It’s important to work with a restoration company such as York Restoration that is experienced in dealing with these situations and knows what to look out for so that you don’t encounter any unexpected surprises weeks or even months down the road.

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All Floods—Big Or Small

When we mention “flood restoration,”people tend to think of huge, natural disasters. However, a break in a water pipe can cause flooding in a kitchen, bathroom, or basement in a matter of minutes.

York Restoration is equipped to deal with your flooding problem if it’s large and catastrophic or small and inconvenient. We’ll stop the water intrusion at its source and work to clean up, dry out, and repair your property so that you can get on with your life. When disaster strikes, we’re the ones to trust.

Emotional Toll

All of this takes not just a physical and financial toll, but having one’s home or business badly damaged by a flood packs a huge emotional punch, as well.

Because of this, hiring a company like York Restoration can be extremely helpful, as their experts are highly-trained in how to approach and walk people through a variety of emotionally-charged emergency situations.

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