For Fire And Smoke Damage To Your Toronto Property, Rely On The Best

As the alarms go off, thick, dark smoke pours out of broken windows. The firetrucks arrive and a crowd mills around outside as rescuers work to ensure that everyone is safely out of the burning building.

Firefighters work hard to put out the blaze as quickly as possible in order to prevent structural damage and save the property inside.

An Expert Team Of Caring Professionals

Once the firefighters are finished, the rescue work doesn’t end. Fire and smoke can cause catastrophic damage to your Toronto home or commercial property. Walking through a building after a fire has swept through it can be an emotional and traumatic process. As you survey the destruction, the ash, the soot, and the odour can all become overwhelming.

It’s during this time that you need a team of caring professionals who are experts in the field of fire and smoke damage repair. The experts at York Restoration are that kind of a team.

What Kind Of Damage Can Fire And Smoke Cause?

Let’s look at what happens after a fire. Most people tend to think of fire damage as resulting from the fire itself—the flames and the heat breaking down, charring, and destroying items. For parts of the property that weren’t physically touched by the flames or affected by the extreme heat, damage is still very likely.

What does this damage result from? Smoke, ash, and soot. After the fire has been put out, sooty residue begins to settle over the premises. Porous surfaces will likely be stained and discoloured beyond salvation, but other items and materials can be cleaned and saved if they are attended to quickly. If left untreated, soot will begin to stain everything it touches, as it contains high levels of acid.

The Effects Of Fire On Your Property

It doesn’t take long after a fire for materials to begin sustaining damage from fire and smoke. Glass becomes to etch and sustain damage. Corrosion of metal surfaces begins to occur astonishingly fast. The finish on wooden surfaces begins to break down. Cloth materials such as rugs, bedding, and clothing can suffer from staining and smoke odors. The longer items are left untreated after a fire, the harder they will be to salvage and restore. As ash settles over the property, it will begin to layer and harden, making it even more difficult to remove.

Getting Rid Of Strong Odours

One of the most devastating effects of fire and smoke is an invisible one: the strong, smoky odour that permeates everything. Clothing, carpeting, rugs, books, papers—even the structure itself will absorb and put off a lingering smell. This can be one of the most difficult things to get rid of in the weeks and months after a fire.

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Removing Damaged Items

Certain materials in your home may be thoroughly cleaned and then sealed so they can’t release any additional odour into the air. Others may need to be replaced entirely. From chemical treatments to special equipment such as ozone generators and thermal foggers, we’ve got a whole host of tricks and tools at our disposal to remove every last trace of fire and soot from your property.

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Deal With Fire And Smoke Quickly And Professionally

Once a fire has happened, time is of the essence when it comes to the clean up process. The first step should be to contact your insurance company. They’ll likely visit, assess the damage, take photos, and process the information needed for your claim.

The very next step is to contact a professional fire and smoke restoration company in the Toronto area to get the clean up process started immediately—and to get it started right. The experts from York Restoration are always on call and will respond right away to assess the situation and start the cleaning and recovery process right away. How long the entire process will take depends on the size of the fire and the extent of the damage done.

Ventilating Your Property

Your fire restoration team will work to ventilate your property and dry up any water damage that was caused by the process of putting out the blaze. They may run fans or a dehumidifier to ensure that everything is properly dried out. This is especially important in areas where wet carpets could potentially cause mold growth or damage to the floors underneath them.

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Professionalism And Experience

When it comes to fire and smoke restoration, professionalism and experience are key. The team working in your home or property must be very thorough in order to identify all affected materials so that they can be carefully removed, cleaned, or replaced. Cleaning items such as bedding and clothing after a fire isn’t as simple as just throwing them into a washing machine for a cycle or two. Smoke odours are notoriously tough to remove. Our experts are knowledgeable and experienced in the kinds of chemicals needed to clean and deodorize your belongings, ridding them of that nasty smoke smell forever.

After The Clean Up

Our team at York Restoration is skilled at working with you to decide the best course of action to ensure that your home, your business, and your life can get back to normal as soon as possible after a fire. Certain items that aren’t able to be cleaned or that have suffered severe damage may need to be replaced entirely.

Insulation, for instance, especially in attic areas, tends to retain a large amount of smoke odour and will likely need to be replaced. Carpets that are salvaged should be cleaned one final time after the restoration team has finished the bulk of their job in order to remove any lingering dirt or odours.

The Recovery And Restoration Process

At York Restoration, we’re skilled in helping Toronto-area customers through emotional times such as the aftermath of a fire. We’re proud to be able to do whatever we can to guide and ease individuals and families through the recovery and restoration process.

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