Inspection, Commercial Drying, And Repair: The Water Damage Restoration Process

When you own property, the unexpected can always happen. Earthquakes, fires, and high winds can result in large amounts of damage and loss of property. Catastrophes in Toronto homes can also come in the form of unwanted water intrusion. When this happens, the results can be more than having a soggy inconvenience on your hands.

Restore Your Property

Water damage can be serious, causing you to lose belongings and have to make expensive repairs. Moving quickly to start the water drainage and commercial drying process is important when water damage happens, and it’s important that you contact a team of professionals who will waste no time in getting your property assessed and on the road to restoration.

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How Does Water Damage Occur?

Water damage can happen at any time and there are several ways that it can occur. Each possibility has specific considerations for clean up, so you’ll want to work with a team like the folks at York Restoration who are familiar with the best way to fix your water damage, no matter how it happened.

Water Leaks: A leaking or burst pipe is one of the most basic ways your home can experience water damage. The result may be a small amount of water in a kitchen or bathroom floor that results in the need for new wood flooring. The situation could be more serious, such as a flooded basement that requires an extensive dehumidifying and commercial drying treatment.

Types Of Water Damage

Post-Fire Water Damage

If you’ve had a fire break out in your home or commercial building, you may have water damage from the process of putting the fire out. The team at York Restoration is experienced in fire, as well as water damage restoration, so you can get all of the necessary repairs made using a company you know and trust.

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Water Damage From Floods

Natural Flooding

When bad weather strikes, flooding can happen, deluging homes and destroying property. This type of water damage is often extensive and pervasive, requiring special know-how in order to assess the various areas where water may have intruded and to discern which materials can be salvaged and which ones need to be removed. Because flood waters are often contaminated with things such as bacteria, viruses, sewage, and chemicals, proper cleaning and disinfection is also necessary to restore a building back to how it was before a flood.

What Does Water Do To A Building?

When water damage happens, there is really no time to waste. Once the water recedes and you go through the proper processes with your insurance company, it’s important to get professionals onto the property as soon as possible so they can start with draining, setting up commercial drying, cleaning up and repairing damaged items.

Left unattended, water will begin to do damage—including structural damage. Drywall will begin to break down, wood will suffer extensive damage such as swelling, warping, and rotting. Paint will start to peel off of surfaces. Water will completely ruin carpets, stripping the coating off of the fibers and requiring it to be completely ripped out and replaced.

Electrical Systems

Electrical systems will short and be irreparably damaged—not to mention any electronic items that have become wet. These items also pose a real hazard to anyone who is entering flooded homes for inspection or repair, as they can cause an electric shock.

This is why it’s necessary to contact Toronto-area professionals who can move quickly and know how to keep safety in mind when they start the process of restoring your home or commercial property.

Commercial Drying Is Key

One of the most important parts of professional water damage restoration is the use of a commercial drying process that ensures that your entire property is water-free from the inside out. In order to dry things out, they’ll set up special, industrial-strength fans in strategic locations to circulate the air. As the air is begin moved around, they’ll run dehumidifiers to help pull excess moisture out of it, speeding along the drying process. This is not the same as setting up regular cooling fans you’d use around your house; the fans used for commercial drying are made especially for that purpose, making it happen in a much shorter time than small fans would. Your contractor will also have tools for measuring the moisture content in the air so they’ll know when everything is fully dried out. The whole drying process takes anywhere from 2 to 5 days, depending on the extent of the damage.

After The Water Is Gone

Once everything is dried, the team will continue to work to restore your property back to its original state. Disinfection, repair, and replacement of damaged and dirtied items will be a part of that journey. York Restoration is experienced and knowledgeable about every step of the process required to restore your property after water damage happens. When you’re dealing with the unexpected, they’re the ones to have on your side.

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